Terms & conditions

We want to thank you for choosing Euroweeddelivery . Before placing your order , please make sure you carefully read the terms & conditions below.


  1. We deliver and ship cannabis products only to adults in Europe and Australia . Please do not order from our website if you are not in the Euro zone or from Australia.
  2. Orders not shipped during a period of 48 hours will be refunded . The customer might reorder and we will ship within the 48 hour shipping deadline.
  3. We have a 100%  30- day money back policy . Please to us using the contact page for any requests.
  4. Our marijuana strains have the highest quality and integrity as shown by the photos you on this site.

Please note that delivery to Ireland, Sweden , Denmark and any euro member country takes a maximum of 24 hours . Shipping and delivery to Australia takes a maximum of 72 hours.