Do you ship only to Europe & Australia?

Yes , EuroWeeddelivery ships and delivers only to euro member states such as Ireland, Sweden , Germany and many others . We also Deliver our cannabis and marijuana products to all of Australia. We do NOT ship or deliver outside Europe or Australia.

What is the best strains for depression and anxiety?

All our weed strains helps with depression and anxiety. The most effective you can find in our shop include the following:  girls scout cookies , Jack herer Strain just to name these two .

How do i order from your website?

You can order by selecting the product you want from our homepage or shop page and adding it to your cart. After you are done adding click the checkout menu at the top and bottom of this page. Fill in your necessary details and place order. That is all on your part . Your order will be shipped after 24 hours of completion.

Where does EuroWeedDelivery gets marijuana strains from?

We get top-class strains from the best breeders in California. We have premium cannabis brands , hybrid , sativa and indica strains.

IF you have any other questions , send them to [email protected] . we are more than ready to answer any questions you have about our cannabis products and services. Please make sure your questions are short and precise so we can reply fast and easy . Thank you.